Course Description

What You Can Expect To Study

Classes Begin January 4, 2016

The Bible Institute of Charleston offers Certificates for completing a particular Course and a Diploma when successfully completing the Entire Course of Study

The First Course of Study Is Basic Bible Doctrine. The Bible Doctrine Course consists of 10 Elements….each one covering a Major Bible Doctrine. If you are disciplined and faithful, this Course should not take longer than 2 years to complete.

Each Course should cover about 2 months of Lessons and Homework

Questions may be directed to me at..    I will answer each one…. personally.

The Basic Course of Study Consists Of:

1. Bibliology: Doctrine of The Bible

2. Theology Proper: Doctrine of God

3. Christology: Doctrine of Christ

4. Angelology: Doctrine of Angels

5. Anthropology: Doctrine of Man

6. Hamartiology: Doctrine of Sin

7. Soteriology: Doctrine of Salvation

8. Pneumatology: Doctrine of The Holy Spirit

9. Ecclesiology: Doctrine of The Church

10. Eschatology: Doctrine of Final Things


At the conclusion of this Course of Study, we will take up specific topics:

   Why Do We Have So Many Denominations / Differences Among Christian Churches?

   Where Is The United States In Biblical Eschatology?

   What Is The Nature & Purpose of Prayer?

   What Are The Decrees of God & How Do They Affect My Theology?

Plus: Your Questions / Topics of Interest